Snowville Elementary School
160 North Stone Road · Snowville, UT · 84336
Phone:4358722771 · Fax:4358722772

Principal's Message

The state school grading report came out this week. Snowville Elementary School received a grade of A. Many people contribute to the success of the school and the students. We appreciate all those that help to make our school great. Success of a school can be measured in many ways. We count as contributors to this grade our great parents that support the school with homework, activities and a child's attendance. We feel it a privilege to work with and influence your children. We have a terrific PTO that constantly asks what we need. We are gratified to know of the time, money, and talents that contribute in many behind the scenes ways at our school. Our custodian/cook thinks of your children as her own. She is concerned about their health and well-being. Her meticulous efforts bring well-balanced and tasty foods to your children. Our school is a clean and inviting place to enter each day. Our secretary/aide wears many hats, she is often juggling the school's books and lesson plans to best help each child. We have had tremendous aides throughout the years, we acknowledge the time and effort they contribute to the students. The teachers work hard and care deeply about your child's learning and well-being. We feel humble for the grade and appreciate everyone that contributed to the success.

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend our Community Council Meetings. These meetings are held the first Monday of the month right after school in the library. No meeting will be held in December. The meeting in March will be the 2nd Monday. The Community Council makes decisions regarding the trustland money that the school receives. The council determines the most critical need of our school and then plans the best way to use the money to help that need. 

If you wish to view the plan you may click on the navigation links and go to the trustlands. Once in the trustlands site you can find a school and this will direct you to the schools plan.


Joylene Ritchie

Snowville Elementary